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The Roseland Gun Club and Westview Farm Kennels

It is not surprising that Roseland, a rural, farming community in the 1920s and 1930s, had its own gun club. What is noteworthy, though, is the fact that The Roseland Gun Club had some of the finest shots in the country. Frank Bond Force, who died in 1941, was a founding member of the Gun Club and one of its officers for years. In fact, Frank served as the Club's treasurer for several years. However, in February of 1938, he resigned as both a member and an officer. While the Gun Club reluctantly accepted his resignation as an officer, on February 14, 1938, Jack Gelok, the then-Corresponding Secretary, pleaded with Frank “on behalf of 100% of the members who feel that you should be with the club, shall we say, until the end” that he withdraw his resignation.

Frank also tried his hand as a beekeeper, too, having received training from H.M. Cook of Verona, who was a prominent Livingston beekeeper.

Frank was most known for his work as the Town's dog-catcher and as the proprietor of Westview Kennels. He kept a meticulous journal of his kennel activities. In his journal we can see that Frank managed to earn hundreds of dollars a year - a tidy sum for the late twenties.

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