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Shortly after Dorinda Bond Force married Jonathan Force III in July of 1865, Dorinda became pregnant. When the child was about five months old, Dorinda bought a pair of children's shoes at Rufus Harrison's store for 75 cents.

Ledgers from Rufus Harrison's store reveal that while Dorinda usually took care of purchasing the provisions for the house and kitchen, when she was pregnant with Annie, Jonathan was forced to take care of the shopping. This ledger from 1869 shows that he purchased fish, soap, flour, molasses, tuna and a rake for a dollar and sixteen cents.

Browse through the sample pages from the ledgers of Rufus Harrison's store, and see what people bought in the nineteenth century and how much things cost. If you think things were unbelievably inexpensive, bear in mind that in the mid- and late 1800s, manual laborers (always men) worked twelve hour days for $1.00.

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