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Hillside Cottage
Located in the rolling farmlands of turn-of-the-century rural New Jersey, Hillside Cottage was a welcome summer destination for City-folk from as far away as New York City.

Hillside Cottage was run by Frank Bond Force, his sister Annie Force and the pair's spinster Aunt Delia at The Bond Force House from about 1895 until 1909.

Here is the text of an affidavit filed in connection with the settlement of the estate of Delia Bond:

I, John Lockwood, reside at No. 153 East 18th Street, Borough of Manhattan, City of New York, and am an attorney at law duly licensed to practice law in the Courts of the State of New York and have been for sixteen years last past engaged in the practice of my profession in the City of New York and at the present time with offices at No. 34 Nassau Street …

From the year 1902 to the year 1909 inclusive, my wife and I boarded from June 1st to varying dates in September and October of each year at the house and premises on Eagle Rock [Ave], Roseland, N.J., occupied by Delia Bond as her residence and of which I was informed she owned a one-half undivided interest and where, during the same time, resided with her said Frank B. Force and Anna B. Force, who, I was informed, owned the other one-half interest in said premises. Said premises consisted of about seven acres of land and a house with barn and some small outbuildings, and were operated during the summer season by Delia Bond and Frank B. Force and Anna B. Force, as a boarding house with about ten to fifteen guests. The work of operating said boarding house was shared equally by Delia, Frank and Anna, with the assistance of a servant and occasionally a hired man, except that on account of her advancing years Delia performed the services of a lighter character, chiefly the cooking. Anna assisted in the cooking and performed the general housework pertaining to the rooms and washing. Frank cultivated a large portion of the land raising vegetables for the table, and using the remainder for grazing for the cows and horses. He also cared for the chickens, which were supplied to the table, as well as eggs, and cared for the cows, of which there were two, supplying milk for the table. He also took guests back and forth to the railway station, carted trunks and baggage of guests and performed the other outside duties of conducting a farm. Substantially the entire product of the farm was utilized for the operation of the boarding house.

I was frequently informed during the eight summers that I lived at said boarding house of facts which led me to believe, and I always did believe, that the operations of said boarding house were conducted jointly [by] Delia, Frank and Anna, and that they had equal interests therein and in the profits from its operation.

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