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Film Credits
The Team Behind The Bond Force Legacy:
Bumble Bee Productions
Jack A. Gordon - Director and Producer
Tony Call - Narrator
John Califra - Original Score
Harry Kafka, Jack A. Gordon, Michel Maitenaz - Editors
Peter Levin - Sound Editing
Anna L. Kleshelskaya - Music Supervisor
Splash Studios
The Cast
Voiceover Cast
Apothecary Scene Re-enactment
Assault Scene Re-enactment
The Children of Bond Force Park
Guests on the front porch of The Bond Force House, circa 1905.  From 1895 until 1909 The Bond Force House was known as Hillside Cottage.

Bumble Bee Productions LLC
The Bond Force Legacy is a production of Bumble Bee Productions, LLC, a New Jersey Limited Liability Company devoted to producing feature length films. To contact Bumble Bee Productions, LLC, send an email to

Jack A. Gordon - Director and Executive Producer
Jack is an attorney-historian-filmmaker. As a filmmaker, this is Jack's debut feature. He did, however, attend the then-prestigious School of Public Communications at Boston University, where he was graduated with honors in both Filmmaking and American Literature in January of 1981. He won Best Student Film in 1979 for David, a 16mm animated short, which he co-directed with Michael Grecco, now a successful high-end commercial photographer. In 1980, Jack won a Silver Award for Halloween, a 16mm live action narrative short, and, in 1978, his Super 8mm short, Otto Always Was a Little Strange, was selected to be screened with only five other films out of more than fifty submitted. Jack is a member of the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers. He is certified in Final Cut Pro by Future Media Concepts.

As an attorney, Jack is the managing partner of a Manhattan-based law firm, Kent, Beatty & Gordon, LLP. Jack was graduated, with honors, from New York Law School in 1986, where he also served as Research Editor for The Law Review. He then spent almost a decade in stellar law firms, including Donovan Leisure Newton & Irvine and Dewey Ballantine before forming his own firm in 1995. Jack's practice is focused principally on commercial litigation and arbitration, with an emphasis on employee benefits and employee rights. He also works on a team handling entertainment law issues, including the licensing of copyrighted material and other intellectual property. Jack holds the highest available professional rating from Martindale-Hubbell and is listed in Who's Who in American Lawyers.

As a historian, Jack has been a Trustee of The Roseland Landmarks & Historic District Commission since 1999, and a member of The Roseland Historical Society as well as The National Trust for Historic Preservation since the early 1990s. He is an acknowledged contributor to Images of America - West Essex, by Charles A. Poekel, Jr., and, with the help of Professor Robert Bush, Jack researched and wrote the text of the Homes of Historic Significance brochure for the Roseland Historical Society and was a principal presenter at the awards ceremony in 2003. Jack's love of history and things old is also reflected in his restoration of several homes, including The Bond Force House.

Tony Call -- Narrator
The Bond Force Legacy is narrated by Tony Call. Tony's credits include dozens of documentaries for broadcast television, public television and The History Channel, as well as nearly one hundred nationally broadcast commercials.Tony has been in the entertainment business for decades - in fact, in addition to his extensive Voiceover experience, Tony appeared in dozens of television programs in the 1970s and early 1980s.

John Califra - Original Score
John Califra has been a professional composer for decades, and he has focused the last decade of his career on scoring. John's film score credits include scoring the music for many PBS and HBO productions as well composing the scores for Tarnation, Jonathan Caouette's controversial 2004 documentary, and for A Father and Son; Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, actress/producer/director Lee Grant's documentary about Kirk and Michael Douglas.

Harry Kafka - Editor
Harry Kafka has over 20 years of editing experience. For 15 years, he was the senior editor at Tapestry Productions in New York City, cutting commercials for GI Joe, Transformers, Batman and Star Wars products, among many others. He also cut music videos for Shania Twain and Martina McBride, as well as many industrials, infommercials and medical programs. Since 2001, Harry has worked mostly in the documentary field, editing six films, two for the Museum of Mali, Africa. Most recently, he edited the cable TV reality show, "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?"

Peter Levin - Sound Editing
Peter Levin, one of the principals of Splash Studios, is handling the sound editing for The Bond Force Legacy. Splash Studios has performed digital audio postproduction for dozens of films - from shorts to features to documentaries.

Anna L. Kleshelskaya - Music Supervisor
Anna Kleshelskaya holds Masters Degrees from both Dartmouth College (in Comparative Literature) and from New York University's Steinhardt School of Education. Anna is bilingual in English and Russian, fluent in Spanish and proficient in French. Her background is in education and marketing. This is Anna's first feature length film project.

Splash Studios
Splash Studios will perform the final sound edit and mix-down for the film. Splash specializes in sound design, editorial, mixing and sound supervision services.

The Cast

Prof. Robert Bush Himself
Everett Leonard Himself
Adele Rall Herself
George A. Flammer, Jr., Esq. Himself

Voiceover Cast

Vice Chancellor Berry Ralph Bernstein
Anna B. Force Stephanie E. Kupferman, Esq.
Frank Bond Force Howard J. Smith, III, Esq.
Irene White Force Anna L. Kleshelskaya Gordon
Leroy G. White Peter Engart Dietz
Ed Grant Peter Levin
Rev. David L. Kirkby Rabbi Stanley Skolnik
John Lockwood, Esq. Michael B. Kent, Esq.
Theodore S. Smith Harry C. Beatty, Esq.
Judge Fred Stickel, Jr. Robert Ivry

Apothecary Scene Re-enactment
Jonathan Force, III Peter Engart Dietz
Susan Amanda Baker Alexandra Gordon

Assault Scene Re-enactment
Frances White George Jessen
Irene Force White Janelle Ivry
Alfred Booth Peter Seroczynski
Frank Bond Force Peter Engart Dietz
Marcus W. DeCamp Robert Ivry
Constable S.J. Dikovics

The Children of Bond Force Park
Kelly Smith, Raven Ruiz, Erin Smith, Romeo Ruiz
Tara Smith, Gabriella Girardi, Alexanda Sabato, Stefanie Spero

Photo of Judge Fred G. Stickle, Jr.
From the collections of The New Jersey Historical Society

Photos of Roseland
From the collection of the Roseland Historical Society

Pre-1970 photos of The Bond Force House, the Bonds, the Forces and
The Grants from the collection of Doris Grant

Photo of Rev. David Kirkby
From the collection of St. Peter's Rectory

19th Century Photo of The Livingston Baptist Church from the
Collection of The Federated Church of Livingston

Remaining photos
From the Director's collection

Special thanks to:
The Village of Waterloo in Stanhope, NJ for the use of its apothecary, particularly Cole Jordan and Ed Mooney

Alan Feuerstein for his Roseland aerials

Beverly Crifasi, Ph.D., for her genealogical genius

The late Ed Grant, his widow, Dolores Grant, and their son, Bob Grant

Angelo Sena, Adele Rall, George A. Flammer, Everett Leonard and the many others who shared their experiences and their knowledge

Helen Shumsky, President of the Livingston Historical Society

Research librarians at The Livingston Public Library

The Old Force Homestead personnel

Eileen Anderson at St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Pastor David Long and Ellie Bosco at The Federated Church of Livingston

The New Jersey Historical Society, particularly Chad Leinaweaver, James Lewis and Brenna King

The New Jersey State Library, particularly Rebecca Preece

New Jersey Motion Picture and TV Commission, particularly Steven Gorelick

R. Jeffrey Purcell and Paula Duer of The Ralston General Store in Mendham, NJ

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